German-English Translation Dictionary App Reviews

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Best German-English dictionary out there

This beautiful app does exactly what it should do! A joy to use! Great work (just difficult to find in the app store, especially on the iPhone).


Its ok but not the best


Worst app I ever bought. It doesnt even translate hello to german. Most common words you would use are missing. I thought this would be good for my class and now in negative $5.

Clumsy compared to WordRoll

Used this once or twice on a recent trip. You have to type in the entire word correctly; if you make a typo it simply says that theres no translation and you have to try again. Also the Apple typo-correction feature is enabled in the edit box so as I entered a German word it kept trying to replace it with an English word with similar spelling. I rarely used this dictionary since WordRoll DE was much friendlier and faster.

Limited Dictionary & Poor Interface

I use Codesign Free Translator ant it works very well when you are connected. Ive bought this app to search offline (Ive recently move to German-speaking Zurich area) but unfortunately the app performance is disappointing. The list of words is limited (many searched words were not found) and there is no suggested word list as-you-type. I hope Codesign launch a improved version.

I want my money back

I think this app and the french translator should be blacklisted from iTunes. I bought these for a recent trip and they were totally useless. I actually typed in the english word "Hello" and it said it couldnt find the German translation.


I rarely find a word that this app can translate and, to date, I have never found a translation that I needed - I have only found it capable of translating trivial words. I cannot imagine who would find this useful.


this is the worst dictionary i have seen. it doesnt even translate simple words. I suggest to not buy

Terrible Application

I usually do not put much into others reviews, but these ones are pretty accurate. This is a terrible application and no one should pay for this. I downloaded this for my trip to Germany and it rarely could translate words. This application should be removed from the App Store.

Terribly deficient--essentially worthless!

This app ignores the most fundamental difference between German and English, gender! Translating an English noun to German without providing the gender article does the user no good. There are numerous other deficiencies with verb entries. This app is total rip-off.

Terrible! Do not buy!

This dictionary is pathetic. Ive found one word that it can translate: glasses. All the other words have been unlisted. It cant even translate "hello" or "good morning" (not that youd need that translated.)

I want a refund!

Cannot translate word “hello.” There is no German alphabet. German alphabet has some unique characters. Not being able to type them in makes the dictionary worthless. Application is of no value. I want my money back.

Lacks basic vocabularu

It translates few words and lacks basic vocabulary.

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